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Environmentally friendly

When talking about environmentally-friendly and recyclable materials, it is important that we ask ourselves questions and decide how to deal with a variety of issues.
How much will something cost us right now, in economic terms but, most importantly, how much will it cost us in the future, in terms of energy and resources?
The analysis begins with the cost of obtaining a raw ingredient or material, but it continues on through its use, through the cost of recycling it or disposing of it, what environmental impact that could have and how much of that material will be able to be reused.
An example of great importance is given by plastic.
Plastic is a petroleum derivative that is widely used in numerous industries and relatively cheap.
We know very well that plastic is recyclable and it is not hard to find a recycling bin specifically for it not far from our homes.
The problem arises from the fact that there are many different types of plastics, some very different from each other (simply think, for instance, of the differences between a water bottle, a CD and polystyrene).
The recycling of such materials can be problematic. True recycling can only occur with plastics belonging to the same category (such as polyethylene).
Given that this is not possible, recycling consists only of crushing and reusing these plastics as filler materials, for example in certain types of car bumpers or in the construction of playgrounds.
The situation is different where aluminium and glass are concerned. Setting aside for a moment the differences in their physical and mechanical properties, these are materials that are decidedly more costly, however, they are very close to 100% recyclable.
That is the reason behind Naturaequa’s decision to use aluminium and glass, which are more natural and recyclable, to package its products.
“Try and leave this world a little better than you found it” –Baden Powell

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