Two Roses
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NaturaEqua Rosa muscosa and rosa rugosa: cosmetics meets Slow Food Two Roses

Two Roses
Two Roses
Two Roses

The cosmetic properties and history of the Muscosa rose and the Rugosa rose

A very special syrup has been prepared in Genoa for a very long time: the syrup with two roses.

Specifically, these are the Rosa rugosa and the Rosa muscosa.

These two species of roses were at risk of extinction, but in 2000 the association Le rose della valle Scrivia set itself the objective of recovering their cultivation and today they are a Slow Food certified product, a territorial speciality to be safeguarded.

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and refreshing properties, rose syrup has been used for years as an energy and tonic for children and sportsmen.

In the cosmetics industry, it is used for its moisturising, refreshing and firming properties.

Natural and real miles roses

For many years, "La Sereta" farm in the Scrivia Valley - inland from Genoa - has been growing the natural and organic cultivation of the rugosa and muscosa roses.

For our natural cosmetics with the two roses, we have chosen to turn to them. From the petals of these two ancient and precious roses, the guys at La Sereta create a unique and special extract for us, ready to be used in our creams and tonics.

We use Rosa rugosa and Rosa muscosa for these natural cosmetics: :

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