Two Roses
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Two Roses
Two Roses
Two Roses


Inland from Genoa, deep in the countryside in the Scrivia Valley, “La Sereta” farm (www.lasereta.ittel. 0109693108) has, for many years, been using natural and certified organic methods to grow two unique types of roses: Rosa Rugosa and Rosa Muscosa, both with intense fragrances, both with links to time-honoured historical tradition.
These two roses have existed since ancient times, interwoven with the lives of the country people of the Valle Scrivia over the years.
This farm is a little corner of peace and wellbeing where time seems to have stopped, far from the rhythms and the noises of the city. It is an ideal place for visiting, for sojourning, for eating healthy, organic and locally-sourced foods, and even for staying the night.
These roses, which were in danger of extinction until a few years ago, were reassessed in the year 2000, as a result of the founding of the association “Le rose della valle Scrivia” (The Roses of Scrivia Valley:, whose objective was to restore their cultivation.
The annual festivities for the now traditional Festival of the Roses, held in late May or early June (the weather knows no masters!), celebrate the production of a famous rose syrup made using ancient traditional methods.
Slow Food has added this rose syrup to its list of local specialities to be protected.
Naturaequa, thanks to its partnership with “La Sereta”, has been able to use the petals of these two ancient rose varieties to create a special and unique extract, the basic ingredient of its Two-Roses Toner.

It can be found in the following products:

  • Two-Roses Toner

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