Our idea of real miles
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NaturaEqua Our idea of real miles | Naturaequa Our idea of real miles

Our idea of real miles
Our idea of real miles

From zero miles to real miles

Our chemist and cosmetologist Luigi Barbieri has created all the products in the Naturaequa cosmetics line with a strong focus on ingredients, environment, trade and people.

For this reason he has selected several zero miles ingredients, that means:

  • sustainable;
  • zero miles, i.e. local and traceable;
  • fair trade, i.e. controlled supply chain. In this way we can be sure that we are not supporting undeclared work or child labour;
  • organic, safer and more active;
  • economical, as they don’t have to be transported to faraway places;
  • fresh, as you don’t find out-of-season products in the farmhouse.


Our choices for fair trade

Our philosophy on real miles implies a focus on fair trade and the products that come from it.

Fair trade is based on two principles: social justice and environmental sustainability.

The main aim of fair trade activities is not to maximise profit, but to promote trade that respects workers and treats them more fairly.

All organisations that support Fair Trade in Italy have as reference the Italian Charter of Fair Trade Criteria, which you can read here.

We at Naturaequa have always supported some distant micro realities that develop ethical projects for the supply of some raw materials such as Argan oil, Shea butter, Baobab oil and cane sugar. Some of these are in Morocco, Benin, Mexico, Brazil, Nepal and India.

We also import and distribute some ’Made in Africa’ products - such as shea butters and soaps - which come from a soap factory run by Salesian nuns in Benin. Their project was set up in 2001 to support, educate and train local girls who are victims of exploitation.

Over the years, they have also set up reception and training centres whose aim is to offer young people a chance to rediscover their dignity in a family environment, through a pedagogy based on prevention, love and mutual trust.


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