Citrus and essential oils
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NaturaEqua Citrus and essential oils: discover all the cosmetic benefits of these natural ingredients Citrus and essential oils

Citrus and essential oils

The cosmetic properties of green mandarin, orange and lemon

The green mandarin

The green mandarin is a member of the Rutaceae family, native to southern China and the Far East. Its tree is an evergreen that can grow up to six metres high, with shiny oval leaves.
Its aroma is fresh, clean, sweet and fruity. 

The cosmetic properties of the green mandarin have long been known; its gentle calming action has always been used to protect delicate skin, such as that of children.

Sweet orange

The sweet orange is also a member of the Rutaceae family. Its flowers are white and fleshy, while its fruit turns orange when ripe. The sweet orange tree is native to China, but is also cultivated in the Mediterranean, California and Florida. 

This natural product is known for its soothing, calming and relaxing properties. It can be used as a heating oil and is useful for oily and congested skin. In case of a cold winter, our advice is to use it to protect your skin from possible damage caused by low temperatures.


Lemon is native to India and Indochina and its plant is an evergreen, like the green mandarin and the sweet orange. 

It most likely does not derive from a pure species, but from a hybrid between the citron and the lime. This particular characteristic has contributed to its worldwide spread, helping it to adapt to different environmental conditions. 

Its aroma is fresh and citrusy and it has powerful antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral properties. This natural product is a valuable ally for its draining properties and its action on cellulite. It is also a good aid in reactivating the circulation and against the feeling of ’heavy legs’. 

Organic citrus fruits from controlled supply chain

For our organic and natural cosmetics, we have chosen to use essential oils from Italian citrus fruits from a controlled supply chain; for this we have turned to the Tuttidì company in Palermo.

The citrus fruits are processed through the technique of extraction by cold pressure, in order to maintain all their essential properties for our cosmetics.


We use citrus essential oils for these natural cosmetics:

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