Argan Oil
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NaturaEqua Argan oil: properties and uses in natural cosmetics Argan Oil

Argan Oil
Argan Oil
Argan Oil
Argan Oil
Argan Oil

The cosmetic properties of Argan oil

Argan oil is obtained by pressing the raw almonds of Argania spinosa. These fruits are very popular amongst goats, which climb these trees to eat them.

Argan is renowned for its moisturising and antioxidant properties.

Its oil is clear and can be used on the skin, hair and nails. It is used as a functional ingredient in skincare and hair care.

However, it has one defect: it oxidises very easily. It should therefore be kept away from light and heat sources.


Ethical and natural Argan oil

The argan oil we use in our natural cosmetics comes from the Gie Targanine organisation in Marrakech, Morocco.

Our contact with this Moroccan organisation came about thanks to the Bottega solidale in Genoa, through CTM altromercato.

Gie Targanine is an organisation which, since 1996, has brought together more than 400 women in 9 cooperatives, involved in the processing of Argan oil, a product certified organic by Ecocert.

Their aim is to provide technical help to promote and market Argan products, thus offering a source of income to the women who belong to the cooperatives.

Their work contributes to the preservation of the Argane tree, recently recognised by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve.


We use Argan oil for these natural cosmetics:

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