Basil Extract
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NaturaEqua Organic basil: properties and uses in natural cosmetics Basil Extract

Basil Extract
Basil Extract
Basil Extract

The cosmetic properties of basil

Basil has been used as a cosmetic ingredient for hundreds of years. The ancient Romans used it as a base for their finest and most elegant perfumes because of its pungent and distinctive aroma.

But its use doesn’t stop with perfumes: its toning, purifying and antiseptic properties make it a suitable ingredient for many different products.

We use it in our creams for its invigorating, stimulating and antiseptic effect.

It’s also a great ingredient for deodorants and bath foams because of its scent and anti-stress properties.

Basil is also sometimes used for medicinal purposes: its leaves and flowering tops can be used to prepare infusions with sedative and anti-inflammatory effects.

Natural and organic basil

The basil we use in our natural cosmetics comes from the Casotti Roberto farm in Prà, in the province of Genoa. This family-run farm has specialised in growing basil for several generations and has always remained faithful to its traditions. The product is harvested by hand, with people lying on wooden planks.

Genovese basil - the one produced by the Casotti company that we use for our organic cosmetics - is distinguished by its small to medium-sized leaves and has a particularly delicate scent without the minty aftertaste that characterises basil from other parts of Italy.

We use basil for these natural cosmetics: 

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