Who we are
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Who we are

We are a small natural cosmetics company

Our idea of natural and fair trade cosmetics was born in 2012 by our chemist and cosmetologist Luigi Barbieri.

Luigi worked for years in the traditional cosmetics industry, but his real goal was to be able to offer natural, organic and quality cosmetics. That is why he created Naturaequa organic cosmetics line.


A new organic, natural and ethical cosmetics line

Our aim is to offer you natural cosmetic products without petrochemical derivatives, silicones, parabens, synthetic fragrances or colourants.

We formulate our cosmetics with seriousness and simplicity, always listening to your needs and thoroughly informing ourselves on what can be directly and indirectly linked to our products.

We carefully choose our ingredients, which all come from small organic farms that respect our real miles philosophy and support fair trade.

Even our packaging is sustainable and in line with our ethical philosophy.


With our organic cosmetics line we don’t want to offer just a product, but a real life choice that can make a difference.

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