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At various times throughout history, lavender has been valued for its extraordinary healing properties. Not only is it a natural antibiotic, with antiseptic, antidepressant and sedative properties, but it is also able to accelerate healing and prevent scars from forming. It is also an excellent mosquito repellent.
It is one of the few essential oils which can be used on the skin in its pure form.
Its light and floral olfactory notes have a calming effect on the mind and reduce nervous tension.
Inland in the Province of Imperia, near the village of Triora (known as “the town of witches”), there is an old distillery that produces lavender essential oil. It is the Cugge distillery (
Time-honoured traditions, passed down from father to son, have survived the modern market rationale and today are still employed by this family, with methods and quality that have remained unchanged, allowing them to work as a teaching farm.
We invite you to get to know this lovely business and to visit!
“We are a family-run ‘Impresa Green’ (Green Business) offering certified vegan products and a Teaching Farm centred around the natural cultivation and distillation of lavender and other medicinal plants typical to the area.
We produce extremely pure essential oils and flower waters with numerous properties, some of which are used in the preparation of natural products for cosmetic use.
All of the work is still performed manually, without the use of any chemical products. The distillation is carried out using steam from a wood-burning fire. Our love for our traditions enables us to manufacture niche products of the highest quality.
From 100 kg of lavender plants, which take up no small amount of space, we obtain approximately 500 grams of essential oil. That is the main reason for its cost.
In our products you can find lavender essential oil and lavender flower water. We also have a range of products made with lavender hydrolat: face, body and hand creams, soaps, and combination shampoo & shower washes.
We grow our lavender at an altitude of 1200 metres, in soil with unique characteristics, where no chemical product has ever been used and lavender has been growing of its own accord for centuries.
We distil it using our ancient family method, with a wood-burning fire, for which we use only chestnut wood from our own forests. Our products are free of SLS, parabens, etc., and are all certified vegan, with the exception of the hand cream, which contains beeswax, a natural ingredient all the same.
Love and respect for nature have led us to invest in an ‘Impresa Green’ (Green Business) certification.
Naturaequa has chosen to use this high quality lavender essential oil because it shares the decision to choose locally-sourced products.

It can be found in the following products:

  • Soothing Saffron and Lavender Cream
  • “Km 0” Locally-Sourced Mini-Soap

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