Cane Sugar
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NaturaEqua Fairtrade cane sugar: cosmetic uses Cane Sugar

Cane Sugar
Cane Sugar
Cane Sugar

The cosmetic properties of cane sugar

The cosmetic properties of sugar have been known for a long time: it has a nourishing, draining and regenerating effect on the tissues; it helps eliminate imperfections caused by cellulite and has a pleasant anti-stress effect, giving a good mood and energy. 

The sugar we have chosen for our natural cosmetics is composed of solid, monoclinic crystals of a slightly golden colour. It has a characteristic smell with a slight hint of honey and a sweet, intense and pleasant taste. 

Ethical, natural and real cane sugar

The sugar we use for our organic cosmetics is Golden Light, which is obtained from the juice of sugarcane. It is processed without the use of bleaching chemicals and is produced by evaporating the water and then crystallising the product in a small processing plant. 

Our Golden Light cane sugar comes from a social cooperative in Paraguay called Manduvirà and is distributed by CTM Altromercato under the name ’Picaflor’. 

Paraguay - and specifically the region of Arroyos y Esteros - is the cradle of organic cane sugar. In these territories, sugarcane is grown non-intensively by the Cooperativa de Produccion Agroindustrial Manduvirà Ltd and is then processed into the final product by a local factory.

We use fair trade cane sugar for these natural cosmetics:

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