ORGANIC Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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ORGANIC Extra Virgin Olive Oil
ORGANIC Extra Virgin Olive Oil
ORGANIC Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This olive oil comes from the western coast of Liguria, an area that has historically been a centre for the production of olive oil of the highest quality.
Thanks to its emollient and softening properties, olive oil has been a key ingredient in natural cosmetics from the time of the ancient Egyptians to the present.
For millennia, before stitches were invented, it was also used as a cicatrizant for cuts and stab wounds.
Olive oil has always been used as an emollient, skin softener and anti-inflammatory for every sort of skin dryness and peeling. Today, authoritative scientific studies and experience from the healthcare sector, transferred to the field of cosmetics, have confirmed the empirical theories of the past. Indeed, in recent years it has been shown that olive oil is composed of fats (triglycerides) that are very similar to the skin’s own sebum and, among natural lipids, it is the one with the greatest affinity towards the skin’s lipid layer. In addition to fats, which account for 98% of its composition, olive oil also contains a small percentage, called the “unsaponifiable fraction”, of substances such as vitamin E, which protects the skin against ageing, prevents the formation of stretch marks and age marks, and regulates melanin production. It also contains vitamin A, which stops the mucous membranes from drying out, vitamin D, which promotes healthy calcium absorption, and carotenoids, which, once absorbed, are transformed into retinol, a true enemy of free radicals. Lastly, olive oil also contains squalene, an hydrocarbon that is also found in human sebaceous secretions.
This allows it to penetrate into the deepest skin layers and reform the hydrolipidic film, weakened by sunlight, cleansers and cleaning products. Olive oil is also widely used in cosmetics because it is the substance that best carries nourishment, it acidifies the skin and can be used in poultices, masks, in the bath and in after-bath emulsions. According to tradition, it is also useful when combating weak hair and hair loss, since it is able to provide the hair bulb with deep-down nourishment, strengthening it. When massaged into the skin regularly, it gives the skin a radiant and relaxed appearance. It is an excellent tonifying agent after the bath, reinvigorating skin that has been dried out by hard water, making it smooth and radiant. It should always be used during long periods of exposure to the summer sun, as recent studies have shown that, while it does allow ultraviolet rays to penetrate, thanks to its antioxidant properties, it protects against the damage they cause.
Naturaequa uses olive oil from the “Azienda Agricola Rudasso”.
We invite you to get to know this small gem of a business located above Albenga (Province of Imperia).
High quality but simple and artisanal processing methods, for a certified ORGANIC product. They use ONLY Taggiasca olives that they grow themselves, which they process using their own olive press and a special “cold” processing method, which allows them to obtain a particularly fine oil.
You can recognise olive oil in cosmetic products by looking for the name “Olea Europea (fruit) Oil” on the label.


  • Day Cream
  • Night Cream
  • Soothing Saffron and Lavender Cream
  • Hand Cream
  • Body Oil
  • Citrus and Cinnamon Body Cream
  • Mediterranean Mandarin Body Cream
  • Hair Masks and Conditioners

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