Critical consumption
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Critical consumption

What is meant by critical consumption?

For us at Naturaequa, critical consumption means asking ourselves whether and how much we can reduce the level of our consumption without depriving ourselves of all the material and immaterial goods we need. 

The link between products and producers

Critical consumption is an increasingly widespread practice among consumers who choose the products they buy on the basis of their history and the behaviour of the companies that produce and distribute them.

The G.A.S. - Solidarity Purchasing Groups - are one of the market’s responses to critical and responsible consumption.

An ethical choice

People who want to consume responsibly look for products from companies that support trade that respects the environment and workers’ rights.
With their purchasing choices they express their disapproval of "unethical" products and producers, rewarding correct production chains and inducing more sustainable and responsible business policies.

The environmental sustainability of the production process, the ethical treatment of workers and the characteristics of any political lobbying by the producer company are some of the elements that receive a lot of attention.

Making critical consumption choices is a way of life that leads to consuming better and, above all, less. The money saved can be used to finance cooperation projects, install energy-saving equipment in the home and so on.

Small producers

Generally, the larger a company is, the more difficult it is to control the production and distribution chain. For this reason, there is a return to consumption linked to small producers, from whom you can get a natural, simple, organic product with a fair price/quality ratio. 

This is how the concept of zero miles comes into play, which is based on buying local products linked to small producers.

Our idea of critical consumption

We are a small company with a short supply chain and we manage zero miles and real miles products, i.e. linked to fair trade. 

Ecology, respect for people, for their work and for all the ingredients we use are the principles we hold dear and on which our philosophy of trade and consumption is based. 

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